Land Surveying

Regardless of the project size, land surveying provides the ability to ensure the design and planning of a project is developed without consequence of interference and unknown challenges. At Cobalt, we have the experience and knowledge to provide comprehensive land surveying services for projects of all sizes. Coupled with experienced survey crews, we use the latest technology in total stations, robotics, scanning, LIDAR, Civil 3D and CAD and to provide our clients with accurate and efficient production deliverables.

Our comprehensive land surveying services include, but not limited to:

Boundary survey: A boundary survey is a detailed survey of a property that locates and marks the exact boundaries of the land to ensure accurate property ownership.
Topographic surveys: A topographic survey is an important map that uses aerial photos, GPS data, and measured ground features to depict the terrain accurately.
Right-of-way mapping: Mapping rights of ways helps identify existing access and ownership rights - understanding them can help you avoid potential land disputes.
Platting: Platting is a form of land surveying that involves creating a plan that presents a detailed drawing of a parcel of land, including its boundaries, landmarks, and structures.
Construction support: Construction support in land surveying is a method that helps create detailed land measurements and plans that allow for the correct planning and execution of any construction project.
As-built survey: As-built surveys measure and document the physical features of a property as it currently exists. It's a vital tool in land surveying to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the survey.
Construction staking: Construction staking is a land surveying technique used to mark the location of new construction. It helps to ensure that buildings, roads, and other structures are built in the right place and meet the project's design needs.

We understand that survey requirements vary depending on the project, so our team is flexible and can tailor our survey services to meet any specific needs, as we are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest standard of professional land surveying services.

Whether you need a simple boundary survey for a single lot or a topographic survey for a large development project, we are here to help. Contact us today to discuss your project and learn more about our land surveying services.