Cobalt Hits America’s Fastest-Growing Companies List

Inc 5000

Every year Inc 5000 compiles a list of the fastest-growing companies in the America, and this year added Cobalt Engineering and Inspections, a Houston-based civil engineering firm to that list.

The illustrious list, which compiles the top movers and shakers in America’s business world, offers unique insight into the most successful companies and industries in the economy. With Cobalt making the list, it is further evidence that the construction industry is making a definite post-recession comeback.

High materials prices, staff shortages, and supply chain issues are still presenting significant challenges to the construction industry, so how has Cobalt managed to navigate an industry full of so many obstacles and still find success?

The Cobalt Answer

A full-service civil engineering firm that specializes in delivering high-quality design, survey, and architectural solutions to both public and private sector clients. Curtis Hampton founded Cobalt with an extremely specific methodology in mind - precise attention to detail.

That’s not to say that other companies within the construction industry make a habit of veering off plans on a regular basis, merely that Cobalt holds the precision of its work particularly close to its operational heart. The moment Cobalt takes ownership of a project, they collaborate closely with clients to ensure that the plans they develop will give client contractors all the information they need to build with confidence.

This inherent sense of reliability is certainly part of the reason that Cobalt has thrived during tough times for the construction sector, however, there is more to the company’s success than that.

The Application of Science

The construction industry has been slow to embrace new and emerging technologies. At Cobalt, we understand that embracing modern technologies can give our customers the most efficient and accurate data available. This means faster turnaround times, so our clients can move on to what is next with little or no downtime. Knowledge is power, and we use it to empower our customers with a far more competitive position.

The modern connected systems that Cobalt use provide them with distinct capabilities that have undoubtedly contributed to the company’s dramatic growth. By integrating staff, assets, building processes, and work-site data into a unified platform, Cobalt’s entire operation runs far more effectively.

With every department within the company in constant, real-time communication with every other, the insights they gain into their operational efficiency are far clearer and far more profound. As a result, these modern technologies not only enhance Cobalt’s commitment to precision, but reduce downtime and wasted materials, further optimizing its competitiveness.

The Complete Construction Menu

The technological advances that Cobalt utilizes make it far easier for the company to reliably deliver a comprehensive range of construction services. With Cobalt in the business of everything from land surveying and structural engineering to construction management and forensic investigation, it’s no surprise that they have managed to grow at such an extraordinary pace.

Cobalt is a Houston-based company and has expanded its service offering into 4 additional states including California and Florida. Its nationwide reach is not going unnoticed, as Cobalt is quickly becoming recognized as one of the up-and-coming “go to” players in both public and private sector construction projects.

Exciting times for Cobalt, indeed - and an operational model that other companies in the sector would be keen to pay attention to.

The Finished Product

Operational procedures aside, the most fundamental contributing factor to Cobalt’s success is also the simplest one – Their clients just like what they produce. The company is keen on retaining the uniqueness and character of a client’s vision. They make it their business to bring aesthetics as well as functionality to the communities in which they work.

There is no doubt that precision and technology undoubtedly help achieve this, but when you’re giving people what they want, at the price that they want, it’s pretty hard to go wrong.

To find out more about Cobalt and how they can help your construction project, you can contact them using the following link.