Cobalt Engineering consists of highly experienced and exceptionally skilled surveyors, architects, engineers, and designers who, in conjunction with the companies core values, are able to successfully engage in any project. Our team partners with you to understand the specific goals you expect to attain, absorbing project details and client expectations, thereby, properly applying our work philosophy in a direction of success.

Utilizing the latest technologies, we provide innovative project solutions that, not only ensure the highest level of quality, but allow for a project's uniqueness and character to develop and flourish.

It’s this dedication to engineering excellence that sets Cobalt apart from its competitors. This, coupled with our commitment to exceed our client’s and employee’s expectations, makes Cobalt Engineering a successful choice.

Our Mission

To provide unique and quality services to every client we work with, whether it be a small building expansion or a large, ground-up construction project.

Our Vision

To stand out as the leading surveying, architecture, and engineering company across the country, assisting our clients and employees the endless possibilities of the American Dream.

Our Core Values


To set a higher standard, we take ownership of project development and exhibit accountability by taking responsibility of our performance and behaviors, not just on an individual level but, the organization as a whole.


We create a culture of innovation by creatively, developing more efficient means of production while elevating quality, thereby exceeding our client’s, our company’s, and our community’s expectations.


We demonstrate quality when we provide consistent and recognized value to our customers and our company. Through competence, experience, innovation, and teamwork, we drive excellence throughout every aspect of our organization, understanding that exceeding customer expectation is the standard.