Disaster Recovery

As natural disasters increase in frequency and severity, it is vital that private companies and government agencies work together as a unified front, to put the affected citizens back to normalcy, as fast as possible, after a disaster strikes. Cobalt is such a company that has teams of disaster recovery experts that have the knowledge and experience required to develop, produce, and manage the surveying, geotechnical, architecture and engineering deliverables (Soft Costs) to, more quickly and efficiently, meet the needs of, not only program Primes, Housing and Community Development agencies, and Recovery Contractors, but disaster survivors and the communities where they live.

Following any disaster, it can take years for impacted citizens and communities to fully recover. Cobalt understands the strain, complexities, and requirements of Community Development Block Grants Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) programs and has developed a system for mass production of “Soft Cost Deliverables” which can be delivered within aggressive schedules, thereby helping everyone within the recovery effort.

Cobalt has played a large role in disaster recovery assistance programs across the country and has worked on the front lines of these disasters, accumulating years of combined experience in disaster response, program development, soft cost production, and cost estimation. Our team of engineers and technical personnel are driven, hardworking individuals, trained to be expedient and detailed in the development and delivery of turn-key permit packages. With a strong teamwide work ethic and an enthusiasm for progress, the Cobalt team is capable of handling extreme jobs in unprecedented conditions. Cobalt is involved with recovery efforts throughout the country.

Cobalt has been and is involved with recovery efforts throughout the country, including but not limited to:

• Recover Texas
• Restore Louisiana
• Recover California
• Recover Florida
• Recover North Carolina